Wedding Ceremony, Grand Restaurant, Flushing, NY

Wedding Ceremony, Grand Restaurant, Flushing, NY


“We asked Beth to be our celebrant because of the joy of celebration that she exudes. This joy is reinforced by a deep sympathy and profound emotion. She met with us a few months before the ceremony; little did we know that during our get together she was noting details about our relationship: our likes, dislikes, events, habits, and the like. A couple of weeks later, we received a questionnaire that we filled out. Soon afterward, we received a draft of the ceremony; we were in awe that she capture so much of what makes us a couple, so much of what makes us in love, so much of who we are as individuals. She conducted the ceremony with such warmth and grace sprinkled with just a dusting of humor. All of our guests commented on how beautiful the event was.” Roland

“On behalf of Jenny and me – thank you SO much. I am glad we decided to add more depth to the “constitutional law book story”. You were awesome every step of the way. The ceremony could not have happened without you – and the response (and success) of the ceremony was in no small part due to your efforts as well. Our parents, guests, and us, we all had amazing things to say about you as well. Funny story – I had so many people ask how we found you. They all assumed we had known each other a lot longer than the two times we met and emails exchanged back and forth.” Michael

“Our wedding was a dream come true, and we are very grateful that you could be a part of it. I want you to know that we got so many compliments on your performance, and our decision to use you. Everyone thought you were the perfect choice and made our ceremony truly special, including us.” Ariana

“We chose Beth from a list of Celebrants in the New York area because that is where we wanted to be married. We spoke with her and a couple of others by phone before deciding on Beth. It is difficult to imagine that we could have made a better choice. Jane and I wrote our own vows based on a rough draft provided by Beth. The ceremony was short and sweet and sincere – with just enough merriment to make it all fun. There were only five of us at the wedding service – including Beth. Afterwards, we had about thirty friends over to continue the celebration. Beth stayed for the reception as well, although she told us later it was not her policy to do so. We are glad that she did, since she brought her wonderful spirit to our friends. I found Beth to be quite professional but not in a stand-offish sort of way. She was sympathetic and sincere in every aspect of the planning, the ceremony and the celebration. I highly recommend her…. She was, simply, fantastic.” Charles

“You are very dear to us.” Jane

“… we received the keepsake too, sooooooooooooo you, SPECIAL!!!” Monica

“You made our ceremony so incredibly poignant Beth! We got nothing short of amazing reviews! Thank you for making it possible for us to truly express our love to one another in front of our family and friends. Thank you again for thinking of us and for playing such a crucial role in some of the most memorable memories in our lives! Rachel

Just wanted to tell you that Bill and I were so pleased with the ceremony. You did a wonderful job and many of our guests commented on the ceremony. Thanks again for helping make our night a very special one.” Elayna

“Thanks very much for your kind words and thanks again for officiating the ceremony. Everythng went really well. Anthony and I have both said that we wouldn’t change one thing about the day.” Lindsay

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Certified Celebrant


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