Noah and Kenael Wedding

Let’s build a stairway to the stars, a lovely stairway to the stars.
–Mitchell Parish

We celebrate so many life transitions, but weddings are my personal favorites because they are the most profound expression of our human capacity to love another and to solemnize and pronounce that love before our community, our friends, our families. Whether this pronouncement takes the form of a marriage, a civil union, a commitment ceremony, an interfaith or multi-cultural wedding, a non-denominational or spiritual union, it is my job to provide you with a ceremony so emotionally enriching that it will serve as a source of inspiration and renewal throughout your life together.

Wedding ceremonies are extraordinary occasions, and as such, should reflect what is extraordinary about life: the “WOW” factor; the rapture; the magic; the fullness and depth of feeling; the intensity of truly experiencing and living in the present.

Simple or elaborate; traditional or quirky; subdued and laid-back or flamboyant and outrageous; intimate or of circus maximus proportions;  linear or free-form; and all that falls in between; as long as your ceremony is a heartfelt, honest, and personal expression of who you genuinely are and of your love for one another, you will have attained something rare and wonderful.

The ceremony we create together will be thoughtful, creative, and complex in its richness — a lasting and special memory.

©2012 Progressive Ceremonies

Certified Celebrant


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