Believe me, it’s really true.
‘Till I met you, I never knew a setting sun could paint such beautiful skies.
–Irving Berlin

My core is literature and theater. I have taught Freshman Composition and Introduction to Literature at Columbia where I received my M.A. in English and served as a Teaching Fellow for two years. I am an actor, having performed in a one-woman show at venues in North Jersey and Off-Broadway; I have also served as an Associate Producer for an Off-Broadway musical. I was honored to receive a 2013 Clarion Award in the field of Online Media – Corporate Blog.

I am active in the Association for Women in Communications, where I have served on the New Jersey State Board as Vice President of Programming. I am also active in the American Association of University Women, serving as Co-President of the Northwest Bergen Chapter and State Public Policy Chair for New Jersey.

While I hold an MBA in Finance from Rutgers and have worked on Wall Street for a Fortune 500 company as a Director of Marketing, the arts and the humanities are my calling; they are what most enrich the quality of my life. Celebrancy allows me the opportunity to apply my creative and critical thought skills in a meaningful and deliriously joyful way.

©2012 Progressive Ceremonies

Certified Celebrant


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